What is God Really Like?

He's Better Than You Think.

Just the other day I walked into the local small town bank to make a few transactions. I did what was customary for me, greeted all the tellers and asked them how they were doing. I then took a seat with one of the managers to ask her some questions. The other manager in the office ducked his into the office and said to me, “You bring a lot of positive energy every time you come in here.”

I thought that was a pretty cool compliment. And it made me begin to wonder, “How do people truly feel when they are around us?” On an even deeper note, I began to think, “How would you feel if you came into God’s presence?”

Let’s just say you had a half hour to sit down with God and have his entire attention focused on you, how would you walk away feeling?

Would you feel ashamed? Embarrassed? Criticized? Guilt?

Or would you feel uplifted? Encouraged? Strengthened? Empowered?

The reason your response is important is because you are essentially identifying what God is like in your estimation. Interestingly, two Baylor professors wrote a book called America’s Four Gods in which they described four views of God as per the American population.

According to the authors, 31% of American’s view God as “engaged in the world and judgmental”.[1]  24% of Americans view God as distant, which in contrast means he is disengaged and non-judgmental. Equally popular among Americans (24%) is the view of God as benevolent, someone who is loving, supportive, caring and actively involved in our lives.  Sixteen percent of Americans view God as being critical.  He will judge us, but he’s waiting for eternity to do so. For now, we’re on our own.  The remaining 5% do not believe God exists at all.[2]

So which of these opinions is the most accurate portrayal of God’s nature? Is he judgmental, distant, benevolent or critical? To answer this question, we need an “expert opinion” on the matter to give us insight into the question. So who is the expert on God that can tell us what he’s really like? Is it some famous preacher like Billy Graham? Or maybe it’s a spiritual leader you know and trust, like a pastor. Or maybe it’s a friend or family member who seems to know God well.

Seeking the opinion of godly people is wise, but there is an even better option. Ask Jesus. Jesus is the ultimate authority when it comes to understanding the true nature of God. In fact, Jesus said, “no one knows the Father except the Son and those to whom the Son chooses to reveal him.” (Matthew 11:27) What Jesus is telling us is that he has the exclusive rights to knowing the Father, but also that he is willing to reveal what he knows to us. Now that’s pretty awesome! The premise of my new book, Our Good Father, is simply this, to know God, we must ask Jesus. And in asking Jesus about the Father, I believe we find one overarching theme – My Father is good!

So if you are curious to know more about the true nature of the Father, be sure to look to Jesus’ words for the answer. Jesus came to reveal the true nature of God the Father to us and he is the expert on the topic! And be sure to check out my new book, Our Good Father; it will help you see God in a whole new light!

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