Our Good Father Non-Profit Program

As a means of helping non-profit organizations raise funds, Pierre Eade, author of Our Good Father is offering an opportunity for partnership.

How it works:
As a non-profit organization, you can submit an application, to partner together with the author on this project. Your application will be reviewed by the author and once approved; you will be supplied with a code. Your organization then spreads the word about the book with the code to all of your constituents and partners. Every time one of your supporters purchases Our Good Father from the book’s official website (www.ourgoodfather.com) using your code, the author will give 10% of the net profits back to your organization.

This program is a win-win-win situation. For your organization, it is a win because you receive financial benefits with very little work involved, other than communicating the opportunity. Secondly, it is a win for your supporters as they will benefit from the book and also know that part of their proceeds will go to support and organization they love. Thirdly, it will benefit the author by getting the wonderful and life changing message of Our Good Father into the hands of new readers.

Download Application

Download Application  (PDF)
Download Application 
(MS Word)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How frequently will payments be made to our organization?

A. Payments will be made every quarterly starting in December 2017. If the total payment reaches above $100 at any point in time, it will be sent at the end of the month that it reaches that total.

Q. What resources are available to help promote this opportunity?

A. The author is willing to write copy for your newsletter or email communications that you are free to edit at your discretion.

Q. Is the purchase of the book tax-deductible?

A. No, the purchase is not tax-deductible. However, if the organization is interested in buying books in bulk at a discounted rate to then resell for profit, you can contact the author for more information about this opportunity. 

Q. How much do the books cost?

A. The retail cost of the book is $14.99 plus shipping. Shipping discounts are available for books purchased in bulk. Please request by emailing [email protected]

Q. How much will our organization make per book?

A. The net profit on the book 
is approximately $9, which means every book will amount to about $1 profit for your organization.

Q. How can we make even more money from this opportunity?

A.   No, there is no limit. As long as your supporters buy the book with the code, you will receive funds – with no limitation!
Q. How can we make even more money from this opportunity?

A. If you desire to make a greater profit from the books, the author will give a special discount tonon-profit organizations for bulk orders. You can then resell the books yourself and make an even greater profit.

Feel Free to Contact me
with any Questions


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